Professional skilled volunteers for assignment abroad in Ghana wanted

BRAVEAURORA is looking for qualified volunteers for project work on site in Guabuliga on a regularly basis. The assignment should be taken place for a minimum of 6 months as only long-term assignments are meaningful and helpful for the people on site and the organization.


We confine the so-called "volunteer tourism" very strictly - because of that your special qualifications and a longer assignment period are so important for us. We wish professional skilled volunteers for long-term assignments - short-term "helping holidays" are out of  place. If you want to know more about volunteer tourism, you can read here.


If you are interested in an assignment abroad, you should:

• achieve the age of at least 21 and be owner of a driving licence (for the car)
• have completed a course in first-aid (confirmation has to be max. one year old)
• have good English skills and show special qualifications

• have a current extract from police records
• be interested in a different culture and lifestyle and especially
• be self-dependent, with discernment, venturous, reliable, adaptable, flexible, resilient and creative.


BRAVEAURORA is offering you an accommodation in the Volunteer Compound (costs 1 GHC/about 0,30€ per day for accommodation, electricity, etc) and supporting you with your travel planning. There are no agency fees, the costs for the stay is needed to be paid by yourself (flight, immunizations, visa, etc.).


As a professional qualified volunteers you will work together intensely with the project leader on site, the local director Baba Seidu, other volunteers or trainees, the chief of Guabuliga, who represents the highest-ranking person in the village, and with 10 local employees from BRAVEAURORA.


Together we will search your main field of activity for your assignment already in Austria, so that you can place your strengths and abilities in the project the best possible way. As all of the children could be reintegrated into their extended families, now the main work is not with the children themselves rather than projects for general community development and support of vulnerable children.


We are looking for people on site, who have special qualifications (professional work experience is an advantage) in the following areas:


Projects in agriculture and farming (gardening, Greenbelt project…)
Education (instructing learning sessions, guiding homework lessons in the afternoon…)
Social work and educational science (support of the social workers on site concerning home visits, awareness training, etc.)
Techniques/crafts and trades (instructing workshops, sharing know-how), like for example in job profiles of carpenters, electricians, mechanics etc.
Medical supply (support of the health project in Guabuliga)
Support in the area of sustainable waste management
Research (evaluation of realized and analysis/concept development of planned projects on site)


If you are interested, you can inform yourself about the detailed requires at BRAVEAUROA via . You can also send us your CV, letter of motivation and your preferred date of stay. As soon as we have your application papers and and the adequate capacities, we will welcome you to a personal interview to Linz.


It is possible to apply continuously, but at least 6 months before the planned travelling period. This is necessary to realize all the preparations (like immunization, visa, etc) and the obligatory school enrollment in Linz on time.


We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Here you can find many pictures of former volunteer assignments.

“When I came to Guabuliga the first time – curious, excited and also a little bit nervous – I was impressed of the first feeling I experienced. It was like coming home, a surprising familiarity, what I felt. Meanwhile I have been to the village for three times, and every time I feel this familiar and intimate atmosphere. It may be because of the geniality and warmth of the people, who welcome us every time, or because of the tasks full of content, which you are responsible for as a volunteer and where you can see the effect. The gained experiences are priceless and have a big value in my life. You will get back what you give in many different ways. It is formative, probably for the rest of a life. During my stays in Ghana problems have relativized, values and perspectives went back to a right way. And that is great. I would travel to Guabuliga again at any time.”


Christine Widmann (Austria), repeated volunteer of BRAVEAURORA


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