The statutes

BRAVEAURORA takes every investment on the basis of a positive response to three questions. The questions deal with commitment, responsibility and shaping of the future and constitute the cornerstone for BRAVEAURORA to implement projects/enterprises responsibly and to invest in a sustainable way in accordance with the principles of the association.


The 3 BRAVEAURORA questions for sustainable investment

  1. Is our idea „convincing“?
  2. Is our idea „responsibly“?
  3. Is our idea „shaping the future“?

BRAVEAURORAs long-term goal is to conduct sustainable development outside of the „microcosm orphanage“ and to shape the future in a positive way together with the local population. Through various community-measures (e.g. Education, Networking, Knowledge-Transfer), the future can be shaped and in the long-term, the number of orphans in the local surrounding can stabilise.

Download of the Statutes