Mission statement / vision

 BRAVEAURORA provides vulnerable children in Ghana and their (enlarged) families with new perspectives for their future, aiming to abolish orphanages, to re-integrate orphans and vulnerable children into their (extended) families and to undertake collaborative community development work. Through various re-integration projects and community development projects BRAVEAURORA establishes access to comprehensive educational programs and new sustainable income possibilities.

Next to help for self-help, BRAVEAURORA has committed itself to the principles of transparency and sustainability.



BRAVEAURORA supports the vulnerable children of the (former) orphanage of Guabuliga in North Ghana as well as their extended families through various projects. BRAVEAURORA’s aim is to foster help for self help. In that regard BRAVEAURORA supports the approach of the Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare (DSW) towards the abolishment of institutional care. Starting position for evaluation is always the best interest of each child. Each re-integration is based on a comprehensive field analysis of educated BRAVEAURORA social workers and close collaboration and inclusion of the respective children and their social environment.

The various support measures to catalyze help for-self-help target not to create any dependencies, involve the local community and are implemented together with the local community. Thus, community development takes place on a level beyond the re-integration. Specific measures for help for self help are for example: prevention and educational work, incentive systems for schools to stimulate local structures as well as the know-how transfer on community level with partnership organizations (e.g. capacity building, fostering of regional networks and entrepreneurial ecosystems, microcredits). The long term goal of BRAVEAURORA is to ensure the financial independency of the local community of Guabuliga and to make the BRAVEAURORA re-integration and community development structures transferable.