In summer/autumn of 2008, three Austrian students wrote an e-mail (Spendenaufruf Mail.pdf in German) to friends and acquaintances, asking them for support for an orphanage, which they got to know during their stay in Ghana. The echo was phenomenal. With the first donations, Julia, Sarah and Tamara were able to help the children directly. For example by putting three meals a day on the table, which was utopian before.

Because of this e-mail, Christin joined as a fourth member. Together, in 2008, they founded BRAVEAURORA – Association for the support of vulnerable children and village-development in Africa.


Our heartfelt project

From the beginning, we believed in our heartfelt project and the commitment has paid off. Starting as a small project, BRAVEAURORA is now the biggest employer in Guabuliga. Besides the support of the 45 children of the former orphanage of Guabuliga, BRAVEAURORA wants to support people on the community-level to help themselves in a long-term perspective. To avoid dependencies, BRAVEAURORA thinks of an exit-strategy in all projects to guarantee sustainability.


Central to the development-cooperation strategy of BRAVEAURORA is to help people help themselves. The goal is to offer vulnerable children real perspectives for their future and to re-integrate them in their existing, or extended families. Besides the "microcosm orphanage“, BRAVEAURORA wants to work together with the local population to commonly shape the future in a positive way and wants to contribute to a long-term stabilisation of the number of orphaned children in the local surrounding

The founders of BRAVEAURORA are convinced that every step counts, no matter how small it is. In this spirit: "small moves – big change“!

BRAVEAURORA officially exists as a registered association in Austria with a branch establishment in Switzerland since March 3rd 2009.