The next step "into the village" - From reintegration to village-development.

In June 2013, we celebrated after four years of tireless effort for the smallest people a big success. All 45 children of the Guabuliga orphanage in Northern-Ghana were re-integrated into their extendes families!

Since March 2009 we were supporting the orphanage in Guabuliga in the North of Ghana, close to border of Burkina Faso, with a comprehensive reintegration-project for the 45 orphans. The goal was to lead these children aged 2 – 17 back into local family-structures. Is was not the goal to create incentives to put children into an institution. Two social workers have analysed the background of every child, documented in a report and attuned with the Ministry dealing with family issues. The first measures of re-integration were started in February 2011. Only two years later, BRAVEAURORA and the village-community are happy to report that all 45 children have moved from the orphanage to their families. This was celebrated with a big village-fest.

BRAVEAURORA is a pioneer in Ghana with the concept of reintegration and the successful unitification of all children with their extended families. The end of the process of reintegration doesn't mean the end for BRAVEAURORA in Ghana and Guabuliga. The children are still supported in the areas of health and eduction. BRAVEAURORA will continue to stay and is engaging is projects regarding village development because not only the 45 children, but more than 1000 additional children and their families are in danger of poverty.

The communal work, the extension of projects on village-level and the encompassing project-work in education and prevention for more than 2000 inhabitants of Guabuliga is the focal point of work for BRAVEAURORA in the next years. We do not want to leave traces but hand over the projects to the population step by step.

Through the transfer of know-how (e.g. training in sustainable agriculture methods), education an empowerment of women, the poulation as a whole is strengthened, which in turn helps to realise the motto of BRAVEAURORA, "Help to self-help" in the long term. The support reaches from education (e.g. additional afternoon-care for senior students) and health-supply (e.g. prevention, health-education) to additional benefits for re-united families (e.g. monthly food-aid, money for school, health-insurance). Additionally, the microcredit-product is one focus of the reintegration-process. Families are able to built their own businesses through these credits in order to generate their own income. This way, no dependency with BRAVEAURORA is created and sustainability in development cooperation is achieved.