This project was concipated by BRAVEAURORA social workers in the beginning of 2014 and follows the Peer-Education-Strategy. Specially trained youths, mainly former orphans, are educated to become peers in order to inform other orphans and their extended families in surrounding villages of Guabuliga about the topic reintegration. The ambassadors report from their own experience how negative orphanages are for children and about the advantages of growing up in a family-surrounding. With this measurement, a multiplication effect is desired. The peers are informing a group of peolpe, who in turn can enhance knowledge in their surrounding.

In this project, the ambassadors of reintegration influence other peers and educate about the advantages of growing up in a family-structure. It is assumed that youths can have more success in educating because it is often easier to listen to people the same age because of their strong orientation towards the own life-situation.







Before the specially trained youths can start their work as „ambassadors of reintegration“ , they have to undergo a special schooling which started in May 2014. By combinig competences in the areas of understanding and teaching through our local social workers and descriptions of life-experiences, the ambassadors are prepared for the peer-education process. Another goal of the „multiplication-schooling“ is dealing with goals and limits of the peer-approach, problems with group-dynamics and their own norms and values. Furthermore, the programme is aimed at strengthening self-conscousness, increase rethorical skills and testing of methods.

Besides the sensibilisation of peers, it is a main goal of the ambassaors to start a process of dicussion through varius media, especiall radio-station in Northern Ghana. This process should support a possible change of attitude in the population towards children growing up in orphanages. It is forbidden by law to open new orphanages in Ghana because a de-institutionaliatin and reintegration of children is desired by the ministry of familis. Despite this strategy, according to Orphanaid Africa, there are still 148 operatingOrphanages in Ghana (with only five of them being officially registered with the ministry). BRAVEAURORA with the ambassadors of reintegration wants to contribute to minimise the orphanage-business in Ghana and convince people that it is in the best interest for evry child to grow up in a family-structure.

To reach also the adult population in the communities, the parents of the youths are educated as Ambassadors for reintegration. These people are accompanying the young ambassadors to the various villages and inform the adult population about reintegration and the responsibilities as a parent.




Together with many important key-players of Guabuliga and neighbouring villages, the project was started on the 7th of June 2014 wih a great event!