The education-coordinator of BRAVEAURORA has created a comprehensive concept for a training-center, which was implemented in mid 2014. The training-center is located in the former premises of the Foster Care Community because all children were successfully reintegrated into their extended families in mid-2013. The building was not used since then and received a new purpose. Our architect, Bärbel Müller has implemented some constructural measures early 2014 to adapt to the demands of a training-center.

Additionally, feasibility-studies were conducted to get information how the training-center can be a successful addition to already existing organisations and centers and how to reduce poverty in Guabuliga. The population in Guabuliga is, naturally, the expert for living in the village. That is why in April of 2014, surveys were conducted to detemine the needs of the population and to offer fitting offers for workshops. In May 2014 the first workshops were held at the training center.
In the training-center, business plans are created in order to receive micro-credits and educational possibilities for innovative ideas. Workshops are offered as well. Part of the center is the platform „Gender Desk“, where the empowerment of women is at the center of the interest.

The overall objective of the center is the strengthening of the villages' enterpreneurship to sustainably increase the economic and social situation in Guabuliga. People in the rural areas in northern Ghana face many challenges. In Gabuliga, 90% of the population are farmers and dependent on agriculture. Because of the rain-times, the seeding season is very limited from May to October. The income is also strongly dependent on the weather. The possibilitie to create income the whole year round are very limited in these conditions. There are months where people can't work and sit in their houses without income. Poverty and hunger are increasing rapidly in these months.

Another big problem in the north of Ghana is the phenomenon „Kayaye“. People who have left their homes to move to southern part of the country to look for non-existing work are called „Kayaye“. In most cases, these people are exposed to a series of problems such as sexual harassment, rape, extortion, unwanted pregnancies, postitution and others. Kayaye is still rising because people are lacking basic skills for sustainable employment. People with abilities are able to found their own enterprise or they will be employed by people or organisations looking for educated people with special knowledge. To meet these challenges of securing the livelihood and sustainable empowerment of people in a remote village like Guabuliga, BRAVEAURORA has initiated the Business Incubator Programme in the Training-Center.

In the Training Center, new economic branches and ideas outside of the agricultural sector are especially supported. Knowledge about the creation of business-plans and strategies are brought to the village through know-how transfer and local experts. The microcredit-progamme will be integrated into the training-center. Courses are offered in various sectors such as tailoring, hair-dressing, batik, etc.. Besides small workshops, lonnger trainings will take place. For example trainings about the prosuction of high-quality Sheabutter, or baking bread among others.