Guabuliga Greenbelt

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The project „Greenbelt Guabuliga“ is part of a visionary growth-plan in cooperation with the Vienna University of Applied Arts, Institute of Architecture under the management of Mag.Arch Bärbel Müller and the village of Guabuliga. The plans were presented to the Chief and the Elders of Guabuliga in February and September 2012 and were adopted with great interest.



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The population of Guabiliga is growing. Rising temperatures, deforestation and changes to traditional construction methods are leading to hot living conditions, a lack of food-supply in the dry-season, and a changing environment. Because of lumberjacks felling trees at the river banks, the river dries out during dry season. The village should grow in a self organised way. To help sustainable growth, three potentials of the village should act as a motor for self-organisation. The river-bed, which dries up during dry-season make dry-season gardens for the whole village possible. A re-activation of the currently barely existing market increases the regional standing of the village. The Greenbelt Guabuliga connects the market and the river-bed. Green connections as shadowy pathways and outdoor meeting-places are the third point in order to create a village worth living in.

Through the strategic planting of trees in the Greenbelt Guabuliga, wind-barriers against the dusty Harmattan-Wind during dry-season are created. During rain-season there will be forest aisles to ensure that fresh air reaches the village. Through the shadows of the trees, attractive working places and meeting points for sports are created along with the reactivation of the market. Additionally the fruits of the trees – Mangoes, Cashews, Guava, etc. - are an additional source of fresh food and create an income for the population.

In September of 2012, 150 new trees were planted in a joint project with the [a]FA – University of Applied Arts in Vienna, BRAVEAURORA and the inhabitants of the village. Every districts received 25 trees with the same shares of special fruits and large, local trees with medical, or climatic relevance.

Ecologically important positions for the new trees were marked with flags of different colours. The trees which are marked in the same colours have been planted by the inhabitants of the village themselves and are now taken care of by the population the every district. This means that the trees will be watered in dry-season and protected against animal-damage.

The Greenbelt regulates the growth of the village Guabuliga and is keeping an area of 7 ha free from construction. The project enables additional options for micro-credits for local families, such as the drying and selling of fruits, or creating dry-season gardens in the river-bed. Additionally, the project promotes a feeling of common responsibility for the environment. This feeling of responsibility is also necessary in other areas of the village, such as the handling with clean water and waste-management.




 Die Sections bringen ihre Bäume in das Greenbelt-Arial  Die Sections bringen ihre Bäume in das Greenbelt-ArialII


Every quarter of the village brings...


...trees in the Greenbelt Area.
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The Chief of the village Guabuliga


 is planting the first tree.
 greenbelt _ chrili  Ein neuer Mahagony am Markt
Chrilli and the inhabitants are talking about the project.  New Mahagony.