Holiday Fair Vienna 2016

At the the holiday fair in Vienna (Ferien Messe Wien) 2016 BRAVEAURORA participated in a discussion about voluntourism on 14 January 2015. Together with tourism providers, NGO representatives and the child protection organization ECPAT, BRAVEAURORA talked intensively about the challenges of meaningful volunteer asignments.



BRAVEAURORA representative Anita Leutgeb, programme coordinator
(in the middle)

Because of the current trend, that volunteer asignments are offered in a more and more touristic way to be more commercially salable, the danger emerges, that those paying tourists are set into focus instead of the local communities. Furthermore no uniform standards for volunteer asignments abroad exist. BRAVEAURORA stands for sustainable and meaningful asignments and is against volontourism. Therefore it was crucial for the association to participate in discussing about this topic as well as showing possible alternatives to it.


IMG_6040_stephanie-blutaumueller  IMG_6073_leutgeb_morawetz_winkler

Together with Anita Leutgeb, programme coordinator of BRAVEAURORA in Austria, and other representatives, topics like selection of reputable providers and projects or certification of quality criteria were discussed. Everybody agreed on the statement, that, the more volunteers and local partners will be prepared and their expectations will be kept to a realistic degree, the more meaningful volunteer asignments can be. It is impossible to save the world in two weeks. Therefore BRAVEAURORA is in favour of longer term asignments, ideally minimum six months. In case of experts and people familiar with development cooperation, who can be deployed for specific measures, also shorter time frames can be useful.


Here you can find a video from the whole discussion (in German).